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It is my distinct privilege to welcome you to our Karmaneya Teaching Institute. We have assembled a dedicated and experienced team of professionals serving the career development needs of students.

It is our philosophy that students should begin the career exploration process early in their academic careers. This Teaching institute

Pratibha Mahant

"The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step” –Confucius"

Karmaneya has committed itself to play its nobble role in the country’s march towards prosperity and global leadership by imparting world-class education to its students in the disciplines of engineering, medicine, NDA.

Your child is the most valuable in your life. Whole life you have worked hard to provide best education and have always dreamt that they grow up as successful and respected citizens of country. At Karmaneya, we understand desire and feeling and of parents, so our institute would provide homely atmosphere so that young children gets better exposure to every activity.

We have team of leading educators, who consistently works for providing the best academic input and most hi-tech learning environment. We also instill a deep respect for our valued systems to groom your child/ our students so that they success bench mark. They not only make us and you proud, but the whole country, being an Indian.

I take this opportunity to wish all our students success in all academics endeavors.

Preeti Mahaant Kanetkar
(Director Acdemics)

Welcome to Karmaneya Teaching Institute. The main objective of the Karmaneya Teaching Institute is to unite body, mind and spirit of team- mates in such a way that increases trust amongst them so that they bring commitment for whatever they do for the organization. The Team aims at building enthusiastic, responsible and dynamic work-force; and to further inspire them to outperform in their respective fields to eventually bring laurels to the organization and the society at large.

We facilitate the aspirants in multiple ways and save their money as well as time by virtue of the hard work of our dedicated experts, who have proven their track records in excellent teaching with innovative methodologies.

Anita Tagde
(Director Admin)

You Aspire…..We Inspire